Making Money with Websites: I’ll Show You How I Scaled From Being Flat Broke to Earning $400 Weekly

make money with business websites

Would you like to learn the simple ‘tricks’ with which I generate $300 – $400 every week making money with websites without talking to anyone?

I mean that I work from anywhere I want with just my computer and internet connection and every other week, I receive $3oo – $400 and no one even knows about it.

Make Money With Business Website Training

I think you may be interested so I am inviting you to my training, “Make Money with Business Website” which I have packaged to lead you by hand and show you most of the things I know that is making me money.

Now listen, I look around and see so many people who cannot eat what they want and live the way they want simply because they do not know how to get as much money as they need.

At other times, I see talented people who can read and write yet they are broke. This is a misnomer because if you can read and write in this age, you have no business being broke.


This is so because job or no job, you create your own job online using what you already know and what you are going to learn. This training will show you how to do just that. It essentially converts your personal passion to wealth.

Oh you think you have no passion? Don’t worry about that because you do. I will show you that you do have something with which to build an internet business.

There are no limits in learning what you have to learn to accomplish what you want in life.

Now My Story…

making money with websites

I didn’t just start making money online but from being broke. When I say broke, I mean that I was so poor that poor fellows considered me poor. But in my heart, I never saw myself as broke.

Education sometimes makes us cocky, but that arrogance doesn’t help you in any way because education doesn’t really put food on the table. Timely knowledge does.

My Journey started here:

Making money with websites

I came across a magazine titled “The Internet Entrepreneur” years ago. That was when I realized that one can actually make a living on the internet, so I set out to do exactly that. I tried making money online for several years but couldn’t make headway.

One of the greatest challenges was too much information from acclaimed experts all just trying to get money off gullible folks like me. Another challenge was that I had restrictions getting a channel of payment.

Many Years of Research and Hardwork Rewarded with Failure

After years of trying intermittently on and off regular jobs, I finally had a breakthrough an unexpected source. I learnt of digital currency – the decentralized monetary system that is not controlled by any government.

Quickly realized that I could build my internet business and get paid by anybody from anywhere on earth. All I needed was show these people what I can do for them as well as prove to them that I am reliable. That is it….

I have done this for close to a year now and I assure you, it gets only better.  

Stop Wasting Time Get Liberty By Investing Time to Work

I’ll be candid with you, the time you spend surfing the net or socializing on Facebook and Instagram or other forums could be used to build a business that can earn you thousands of dollars every month if you invest your time wisely.

The thing is that this is a path that would pay you even when you retire and could no longer work.

I’m not saying you should never socialize but spending hours on facebook chatting and writing is a waste of the time you’d employ to create your own content instead of creating them all for Mark Zukerberg.

Believe me, unless you cannot read and write, there is no reason to be broke in this age when you have access to the internet.

Coming from me, I assure you it is the greatest wealth creation lesson I’ve learnt.

The Last Training You’ll Ever Need to Make Money On the Internet

In this “Make Money With Business Website” training, I’ll teach you all I did to be free from lack of money. You can join my Telegram channel where everyone is guided on the path to success:

I’m sure you have heard some so-called internet gurus tell you that they will teach you the secret of making money on the internet, however in this training you will learn that there are no secret.

In reality, making money with websites is easy if you know how to go about it. ou do not just work or blog randomly and hope to hit the bulls eye. It’s a tough chance for you with no appropriate guidance and training. That is what you’ll get in this training.

All you need is good old knowledge and that is exactly what I will be showing you. Anyone can make money on the internet if they have the right knowledge and apply what they know.

You’re Getting The Key Here

Trying to make money online on your own can be frustrating. This is why I have packaged this training to enable you unluck the key to success as far as internet income is concerned.

Making money with websites

You will also learn that working online is not really different from working offline. The way people behave in both is not really different.

I’m talking about building a real business that takes care of your needs day after day, year after year.

In this training, you’ll learn all that you need to build an online estate that will increasingly make you money.

You’ll use the concept to start up and grow a business, then another and another. All you need is the idea and all the guidelines you’re going to get from this training.

Personal Mentoring

It gets better….

I will personally mentor you and ensure that you start making the sort of money most people who are employed do not earn. It will just depend on how hungry you are and your willingness to work.

You can take a look at some of my payments made in bitcoins and ether. This is not to brag but to let you know that it is possible to earn what I want from a business that is just starting off (barely a year).

making money with websites

It’s simply up to you to decide in what currency you want to earn. I have preference for digital currencies because I like the freedom it affords me in being in control of my banking. My earnings are in currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

making money with websites

What will You Learn in this Training?

I am sure that you have heard people in the past tell you that it is possible to make money online. You may even have seen some trainings that promised a lot but delivered little and at the end of the day you still didn’t make a dime.

I’ve been there.

I know about it because I’ve been there, nevertheless I’ve been able to get through that stage and will be showing you what it takes to quit the cycle of chasing after everything out there because you will know the real deal days into this training.

The reason this training is different is that I have proven it again and again and will be leading you by the hand to walk you through it all.

For you this course will be so much like learning to ride a bicycle, when you do learn, you can do it again and again with different bicycles. 

Earning On Autopilot is Possible for You in Future 

making money with websites

Now listen…

This is going to be the one training that makes a difference in your quest to make a living online on autopilot. Automated income is what makes making a living online beautiful. Being able to make money when awake and when asleep is cool.

However, I must warn you that this is work and you must be willing to work…I never promised you that you’re going to pick money the way they pick berries off the shelf of the supermarket.

What I’m promising you is that if you are ready to work, your work today and tomorrow will still be paying you in years. Talk about paying it forward.

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I am confident about this because I will be leading you by hand to show you what it takes to build an internet estate. This is something that you can pass on to your children and grand-children.

I know.

Lest this sounds like hype (I already sound hypey to myself, not my intention).

So in this training:

  • You will learn how to use your talent, skills or hobby and convert them to money.
  • You may wonder if this is possible but it is. This training will show you how to discover your interest and convert it to money-making business.
  • It will also show you how to create your own money-making website and have it up and running in 24 hours.
  • You will learn what you need to do with your website to ensure that you earn money with it day and night. These are the building blocks of any internet business.
  • You will learn how to make a hidden website become very visible and make the owner money.

A Business That Pays You for A Lifetime

In essence, this training is going to be a do this, do that, step-by-step guidance that shows you what you need to do to start earning a living online.

One thing about building a business is that it demands work, but when you have built it, it can pay you for a lifetime. That is how genuine online businesses work too.

First, you work then you earn….for life. It is very similar to being handed the keys to a vault. The only difference is that the vault is payments the internet will send your way.

making money with websites

As you can see, earning $300 -$400 a week is just the beginning for me. In the next one or two years, same business could generate $1000-$3000 a week. It all depends on what you know and what you do.

Now you may be wondering how much this training is going to cost.

The question should be, “What is the value of financial freedom?”

You know that the difference between the rich and the rest is that the rest will always want to be employed and get paid at the end of every week, while the rich always always build something, a business or whatever that enables them pay the rest.

It’s your choice if you want to continue with the rat race. I assure you, I’ve been there and it’s not fun.

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Waking up by 3.30 AM to beat the traffic, driving to work at 5.00 AM with fuzzy brain and sleepy eyes and coming back home at 10.00pm.

making money with websites

Running the gauntlet…

I’ve seen worse…

Being unemployed and asking for menial jobs to make ends meet.

Not having a shelter over my head and all this while knowing that I can make money on the internet yet unable to figure out how to go about it.


You are in luck and I’ll tell you why. This training cuts your learning curve drastically. You’ll be able to accomplish in 3 months what I did in 3 years.

However, it’s up to you.


Let’s calculate the value you’ll get from this training.

Ordinarily, developers charge between $200 and $300 to build a website. They just build the site for you that sits in the dark corner of the web. Getting the site to make you money will be your business not theirs.

The money-making website you’re ending up with is worth at least $200. 

Make Money with Business Website Training shows you everything you need to build an internet estate that makes you money continually. This training is easily worth $500.

$200 + $500

So we are looking at $700 value of the training.

You’ll agree with me that the value of owning a business that earns you thousands of dollars monthly is far more than $700.

Nevertheless, I will not be charging you $700 even though it is worth that.

I won’t even charge you $500.

Not $300

To get this training, you’ll pay just $100

What will you get in this training?

  • I will mentor you personally until you know all you need to succeed online.
  • You’ll become a lifetime member of our forum where you get timely support and answers to any questions or challenges you may have.
  • Remember, I’ll be supporting you all the way to success.

If you are ready, simply pay $100

Bitcoin:  16Su6UZmFY1fL63cF4QsorMvAQCEMW816K

Ethereum:  0xd5a3E2C3688Ee4579b848ac297344a77ccFc23e2

Bitcoin Cash: qqgpfllkpwm2ntn57x0mvlzyj4t5x66f9vlexz532v


Send your Txn details to me at

If you have challenges getting cryptocurrencies, you can purchase them here.

Do not think that you’ll get this training at this price months from now. The value is clearly clearly higher and I plan to go higher as soon as this first class have been trained. So do it now if you plan to.

3 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Now if you go through this training for 3 days and for any reason decide it is not for you, simply ask for a refund and get all your money. You’re backed with my iron-clad guarantee.

This is simple enough, if you feel you’re not getting value for your money, just send me an email at and you’ll have your money back complete. No questions asked.

However, I am confident that you will like this as you see the prospects in what you will learn and accomplish.

Don’t forget to Join the Telegram channel

See you at the other end.

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